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I'm not sure what 5CMHo5E and 5e5EFeats are, and they're only referenced in one spot in the community pack, COM_5ePack - Loadmods.user. Maybe someone involved with the pack in the earlier days can tell us what those are.

But there's no reference to pKoboPress or pFTPK in the pack. So it sounds like something you did tied into the 5____ sources somehow. And since you didn't back up your files, they were overwritten and now have lost some connections.

However, there is an "importbackup" folder in your \ProgramData\Hero Lab\data\5e\ folder, which should theoretically have copies of whatever was just overwritten when you updated. Poke around those and see if you can find what you lost.

I've found that Notepad++ is really useful for searching all files in a particular folder for specific text.

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