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I have the same issue. It started with the 64 bit upgrade and the Catalina macOS upgrade. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro.

The prompts for access to Documents I believe is part of the new Catalina security updates. Other applications also have the same prompt, but only the first time I use them. Hero Lab asks every time I open the application and it prompts many times.

The lag has been rather consistent since the 64 bit upgrade. Switching tabs (say In Play to Magic) takes 1-2 seconds. Right now I'm playing an Inquisitor in Pathfinder and scrolling through my abilities to select a Judgement takes ~6 seconds. The worst lag is when trying to add a piece of equipment to the character. Scrolling or searching through the list is something that takes so long I give up doing this while playing the game.

I use iStatMenu to monitor system resources. While using Hero Lab, my CPU and Memory do not break 50% of max. Watching Hero Lab in Activity Monitor, I do see CPU climb when performing these functions, but nothing concerning. It has more room, but doesn't use it.

I should really reach out to support....
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