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Originally Posted by Bloodwolf View Post
OK. So would have to give them away.

So on maybe a more platform based question, I've not messed with either and was wondering the kind of basics on both. How would you say they work?
No idea about DTRPG.

Patreon works pretty simply. You have some work you think people will support. Get an idea for your costs, how you'll release that work (including how frequently), What of it you're willing to give away and what you want to gate to one or more monthly support levels. Then you just create an account, design your page, there is a designer. Then advertise it/your work.

I strongly suggest you have at least some examples available for free at launch. Frequent posts are better than not posting. Showing off works in progress etc. helps greatly.

If you aren't a patron of anyone you might want to do that to see how other creators do things.

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