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Originally Posted by daplunk View Post
^ this. I would jump for joy if there was an open source application to compete with Realm Works. It would be bloody challenging though. One of the reasons why realm works does what it does so well if Rob's singular control of the design. His foundation was well thought out. Imagine doing that in open source.
Not to say that I've been giving that serious thought

I think the way to go for an open source project would be for one person to design and implement the core of the package (create/save topic templates, edit and display topics, make and resolve links, handle user access and some other stuff that would be needed by every conceivable user or just to let the package function at all) including the ability to install and load optional modules. So as long as the additional modules implemented the correct interface they'd load and work. Contributors would be able to tinker with and branch the modules to their heart's content. Users would have to choose, DL and install the modules they want/need.

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