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Originally Posted by The_Traveller View Post
The correct term is stabilized, no sunsetted. Stabilized means that there is no new development but it will still be maintained and it is still open to enhancements at a later date. Sunsetted means we still hold the IP but beyond that fuckit.
Given the aweful customer service I experienced when it was in active development, I don't feel comfortable putting more effort into inputting data now that it is "stabilized". For me, it is done. However, I agree that complaining about it isn't very helpful either. We will just have to wait and see how much damage was done to LWD development by the whole debacle. I won't buy anything else from them for a long while, but I probably wouldn't have anyway since I don't play much pathfinder. They have become an almost exclusively pathfinder company. Other than Shadowrun they have not been developing much for other games. Also, since I play a lot on Roll 20 now, I find the HL tools are not super helpful even when playing pathfinder. I am running a Ruins of Azlant game on Roll 20, but not used HL (which I already own) at all. I frustrated as I am with LWD, I think they are probably making a sound choice by pulling back. Obviously, they were not able to support RW anyway. I wish the well and hope they can turn it around. I don't know why I keep coming back here, except that so many years using RW formed a habit .
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