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Originally Posted by Greyfire View Post
For Empire of Sonnstahl:

I haven't seen this reported anywhere yet so I hope I'm not double-posting. The validation rule for Veteran units is misbehaving when that unit contains a champion.

Steps to reproduce:

Start new army roster for The 9th Age for EoS with 2500 pts. Now add a Marshal and check General and Seasoned General. Add a unit of Heavy Infantry and increase to 25 models. Check Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer. All is well. Now check Veterans. The unit goes Red and the validation warning "Veteran Swordsmen: Too many Veteran troops" is displayed.

If you uncheck Champion the warning goes away. It's acting like the champion is a separate unit. Also, if there are other Heavy Infantry units on the roster, then all of them will go Red when a unit with a champion is upgraded to Veterans.

The Light Infantry unit is behaving the same.
The error was due to how the unit count was viewing it for special rules and thinking it was a duplicate unit with the Veteran upgrade.
Fixed DL same release

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