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For Empire of Sonnstahl:

I haven't seen this reported anywhere yet so I hope I'm not double-posting. The validation rule for Veteran units is misbehaving when that unit contains a champion.

Steps to reproduce:

Start new army roster for The 9th Age for EoS with 2500 pts. Now add a Marshal and check General and Seasoned General. Add a unit of Heavy Infantry and increase to 25 models. Check Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer. All is well. Now check Veterans. The unit goes Red and the validation warning "Veteran Swordsmen: Too many Veteran troops" is displayed.

If you uncheck Champion the warning goes away. It's acting like the champion is a separate unit. Also, if there are other Heavy Infantry units on the roster, then all of them will go Red when a unit with a champion is upgraded to Veterans.

The Light Infantry unit is behaving the same.
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