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For Ogre Khans:

Fencer's Swords are adding +2 attacks to the stat line, should only be +1 attack. (Tested on Great Shaman and Mammoth Hunter).

The description of the Wildheart Big Name refers to Mammoth Hunters as "Trackers", Great Khans as "Warlords", Khans as "Brawlers", Bruisers as "Ironclads", Mercenary Veterans as "Ogre Mercenaries", Bombardiers as "Cannoneers" and Thunder Cannons as "Thundercrackers". It also fails to call out that you may not take Shamans with Fire Blessing or Greater Shamans with Greater Fire Blessing. Lastly - it refers to the potential upgrade of another Mammoth Hunter to become a BSB as free - when it is a 25 pt cost.

As just referenced above, the cost for upgrading a Mammoth Hunter to be a BSB (enabled by the Wildheart Big Name) should be 25 pts, not free.

Mithril Mail provides a 2+ armor class which cannot be improved by innate defence or shields. Iron Fists are neither and can improve the armor class to 1+. This also should work with the Beast Axe from the Beast Herds book. In both cases, the current Army Builder fails to apply the improvement.
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