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Originally Posted by LonePaladin View Post
Now that the Players' Edition is out, our six-month trial of your cloud service has officially started. That's all well and good, but I don't see any options for those of us who are financially challenged. I really don't know if I'll be able to pay for any sort of subscription six months from now.

Conversely, I already have access to quite a lot of cloud storage services -- my Dropbox account will allow me to store over 50GB of data without giving me any funny looks, and my ISP is offering me cloud storage as part of my monthly fee. I probably have a couple other options sitting out there that I just haven't noticed yet, and none of them are costing me anything extra.

Will we get an option to have our realms stored elsewhere, incorporating the Sync feature? I could just use the manual backup and restore feature (in fact, I had to to get around the -500 error recently), but I'd like to be able to eliminate the extra steps.
Not to be so blunt, the problem is trying to support every cloud service is just unreasonable. There are too many to make it feasible, you use dropbox I use OneDrive, guy over there uses another and that guy another. Not too mention anyone with a semi recent NAS can have their own cloud service, or a semi modern Router can have one with a USB drive.

WE all understand the challenges of paying bills and having enough for the "fun stuff", but by the same token LWD can't support every cloud service either.
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