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Today I installed .143 and I launch it for the first time and it tells me I have to connect with the realm for each and then sync. I have 5 realms now (4 are empty), and somehow I keep getting more and can't delete the unused ones.

When I first started tonight I renamed 2 of the realms, and then sync'd those 2 just fine. The error happened after I synced a 3rd realm, renamed it, and then realized I misspelled something, and then renamed it again. Between the renames I did not sync. Now every other realm that had not already been sync'd won't sync (including the 3rd realm where I misspelled).

Now I get 3 realms that give me the error code 301 when syncing and the other 2 (the first 2) continue to sync just fine.

Any thoughts? Is this a bug or is there a server problem? Did I corrupt my DB? I hope not because the realm with real data in it is one that will now not sync.
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