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So, I'm pretty sure this issue has come up before but it is difficult to find anything about it through Google. I am also pretty sure people have filed bug reports about it, as far back as 2012. Here's my problem:

When choosing a favor class bonus, say for the Alchemist class, and your race is Human (or something that counts as Human) and you've taken the feat Racial Heritage (say for Nagaji) then the Nagaji racial FCB for Alchemist should be an option.

It is not an option.

I've tested this with a handful of other races for Racial Heritage and not one of them causes the feat to add the relevant racial FCB to the options list for a given class.

Given that this has been a known issue for at least a year if not closer to 5 years I want to know two things:
Is there a work around available currently and why hasn't it been officially fixed yet?

This is not necessarily a major bug but it is a rather far reaching one that has been around for an inordinate amount of time. Additionally, given that HeroLab is mostly closed source, there is no way for a well meaning community user to push a fix into the build.
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