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The warrior choice 'Ranger of Arnor' seems to be working strange if you select Arnor for your army list.

They get a bow included in the base cost of the model, but they do not add to the total number of bowmen in the army.

Adding Hobbit Archers works properly.

It says i pass validation rules with one minor hero 'Captain of Arnor' and 49 'Ranger of Arnor'. This should trigger the rule for having more than 33% of your force as archers.

I think it has something to do with the Armory.DAT rule : COMPGRE
The rule is enforced if i create a Grey Company Army.
I've cut and pasted the actual rule below. I may be wrong thinking it's this rule though (since i'm not a programmer at all). Any hints/ideas would be welcome.

if (tagcount[helper.rangarn] = 0) then

@valid = 1

var countrang as number

countrang = statcalc[rangoarn] / 4

if (tagcount[roster.arnor] > 0) then
@valid = 1

if (countrang <= tagcount[helper.rangcomp]) then

@valid = 1


@valid = 0


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