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Well, the community release has been out for a bit, and bugs are ironed out (mostly). And things that have had to be fixed have been (Thanks Sendric!). I am seeking input, what else would you like to see from Faerun files entered.

Before you post, know that I do have several items on my workbench. Some of them are faerun others are not.

Shining South (3.5) I intend to add the items, spells and feats from this book, although many of the classes are tricky some of them manipulate metamagics (similar to the Incantrix). And I have yet to find a way to get them to work properly without reducing metamagics below the 1 spell level minimum.
Book of Vile Darkness (3.0) (FINISHED) I have added all, feats, spells & items from the Book Vile Darkness. As well as Three templates and four prestige classes. I'll spend some time examining it for errors and will send it on when I'm confident the bugs are worked out.

Noble Draconians (DLCS) [Good-Aligned] Not much more needs to be said, its fairly self explanatory.
Fey'ri (FRCS) I intend to take another look and see if I can't this race to work properly. I've tried twice, and the second attempt wasn't ready for this past release.
Van Ritchen's Arsenal (3.0) With the permission of Sendric I have nearly completed the work on material from Van Ritchen's Arsenal. Including all of the spells, feat descriptions, magic items, relics and artifacts and two additional prestige classes, the Alchemical Philosopher (Alp) p. 80 and the Hallowed Witch (Hwi) p. 96.

I have some other projects going for fun, such as my constant tinkering with trying to make some form of epic caster level workaround, and a Living Spell creature, but neither of those is likely to be ready any time soon and are just for my own fun.

And now we come to it, what content can I make that you would use in your games. I only ask that you don't request gestalts, classes that alter how metamagic works, or classes that have more than one companion. Those are a bit beyond my ability.

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