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I could be misreading the intent of the rule, or this could be a bug in the SR5 software. I'd appreciate any help.

Character X takes the Uneducated Negative Quality. All Technical skills now cost double when buying with skill points at creation.

The Uneducated description reads:

Characters with the Uneducated quality are considered
“unaware” in Technical, Academic Knowledge, and
Professional Knowledge skills _they do not possess_
(see Skill Ratings, p. 129), and they may not default
on skill tests for those skills.


Additionally, _the Karma cost_ for learning new skills or
improving existing ones in these categories is twice
the normal rating (including at character creation),

The key above is "do not possess" and the Karma cost for learning new skills or improving existing ones. When combined with the description for buying skills:

The first number in the skills column is _the number of
skill points a character has to spend on individual skills_.
These skill points are generally used to purchase Active
skills, though they can be used for Knowledge and Language
skills too (see below). If you don’t get exactly the
skill ratings you want in this step, remember that skills
may also be raised with Karma at the end of character
creation. In this step, it only takes one skill priority point
to either acquire a new skill or raise a skill rating by 1.

The way I read it, there's a clear distinction between skill points for character building and Karma at the end of character creation to improve character skills. If I'm reading it right, this is a bug, and I'll submit a bug report.

Any help on this from system experts would be appreciated!
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