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I was thinking the GM Notes way of doing unrevealed info might work well, but after playing around with it a bit, it isn't as useful as I hoped.

One issue with it is that the incoming links can contain spoilers. Like, for instance, maybe "Lord Evil" the party's nemesis is a (partially) revealed topic, but when they look at the "Gwendolyn the friendly innkeeper" entry they probably shouldn't see an incoming link from Lord Evil who they don't know has anything to do with her.

Maybe the incoming and outgoing links should always be secret? That would make navigating a little bit harder for players in some situations unless the GM manually reveals links where they thought it would help (which would make it harder for the GM, etc). I'm not sure what the best option for that is.

The GM Notes window is a bit awkward. I think I'd probably go for just having it in a big secret section at the end of the original topic like you were thinking about before. Of course, that has cons also, because then there isn't anyway to tell the difference between things that were marked in RW as GM secrets/false information other than staring at it in line by line comparison looking for differences.
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