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Originally Posted by Ash Nazg View Post
I'm sure at least some people purchased RW believing the tool supported custom calendars.
I was one of those, too.

I continue to use it, because it has many useful features, but without the calendars many of them remain somewhat shallow:

Originally Posted by Ash Nazg View Post
I would say "feature rich" can still be lacking -- even lacking important features. Yes, there's no denying that RW has a lot of nifty management capabilities (like linking) but from a mechanical standpoint, custom calendars are an important feature of managing a campaign and campaign events, and not having it also hobbles other features. For example, timelines and even linking are less useful without custom calendars. From a role-playing standpoint, as some folks on this board have already pointed out, they really add to the immersion.
My point exactly.

Supporting Calendar Campaigner

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