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Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Warlord data files. If your question isn't answered here, please start a new topic in the Warlord forum. Changes are marked in blue

Army Builder v3.x
Where is the Totem of Battle?
The Totem of Battle is called different names for each faction as detailed in the Warlord rule book. It usually appears as the very last entry in the Army Selection part of Army Builder. If you cannot see it, first ensure you don't have a filter that is stopping it from being shown. The quickest way to remove all filters is to hit the button with the cross in a circle picture on it - it has a tooltip of "Reset the current filter to the default". You can also reset the filter using the menus, "View->Select Units Shown (Filter)..." then hit the "Reset" button on the right hand side followed by "OK".

My Roster has spells in it and now it wont load!
If you have a saved roster with spells in it, you will get either of the following errors when you try and load the saved roster into Army Builder:
"Unexpected internal error loading file. Please verify that file is a valid Army Builder file." OR
"Roster references critical information that does not exist in the loaded data files"
This is a known bug in Army Builder and will be fixed in the next program update.

How do I associate troops with leaders/elites?
When you add a model to the roster, by default it gets created in a new Troop (generally called "Troop"). The "Troop" is the line with the stick figure. Most of the leader models will get added to the roster in a new Troop with their name (that's why their name is in the Roster twice, once for the Troop and once for the actual model). You can freely drag models from one Troop to another, or from the available units list to the Roster. AB checks the validity of each of these Troops against the Warlord rules, so this mechanism is vital to using the files for creating Warlord rosters.
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