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Hi, my group is currently playing shadowrun for the first time and I'm having some questions with regards to the Control Actions spell. I'm used to DnD 5e where spells give very detailed mechanic explanations to how they work, so they lack of detail in this spell leaves me confused.

What I do know:
Assuming the spell hits, you are able to force the target to any action you'd like, aslong as you spend the own action yourself. So forcing the target to make an attack takes a major action from yourself.

Unlike control thoughts, this spell is obvious to the target being controlled and is almost certain to make them hostile.

What I don't know:
When does the target take the actions you make them take? On your turn? On their turn?

Does the target spend their own actions following your commands? And if you don't order them to do anything, do they act on their own or do they just stand around in a puppet-like state?

The spell takes a major action to cast, and to make the target do anything meaningful you'll need an additional action, which you most likely won't have untill your next turn, which leaves the spell seem pretty ineffective.. specially if the target can act normally on their turn.

The spell already seems significantly weaker than Control thoughts, so I'm kinda hoping the spell functions better than I suspect it might.
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