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I went to look at the Special Movement adjustment. Seemsm to me if you can identify the data you want you can skip a lot of effort. Here's the eval script
field[pChosen].chosen.field[abValue].value += field[pAdjust].value

Eas enough. I tried to add hero.child[Speed].field[Bonus].value to that. Keep insisting the thing is zero as it stubbornly just give p[Adjust] value. Ahhhh Scrapped the True Speed movement and also this while I learn a bit more about what is going on in here.
Adding 10 to a Burrow of 5 is easy but what happen if the thing go supersonic at say 50 to that burrow? I don't want to have to hit p[Adjust] 50 times. Ehhhhh Pausing here .
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