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1. How does one set the base movement speed for a custom race? It has been set at 30 automagically when I selected custom race. Fair enough. But, I can't modify the speed cuz the option says that it can't be negative. Adding positive shows the speed changing in real time on the play tab, but since I can't set it negative, I'm stuck with seeing 30 feet of movement when I want (need) 20. If this is a bug, I'll gladly submit a bug report, but wanted to see what I might be missing.

Edit: I figured this out. Use a Base Modifier adjustment (on the play tab) for speed. That allows a negative number to be entered. Would still be nice to do it as part of the race creation rather than just a character option, but at least that part of my sheet is working now.

2. How does one create a custom ability? I'm seeing over 2500 defined ones, but no way to create a custom one.

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