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Actually, this is the wrong way to look at the problem, and I apologize for not thinking of it sooner.

Since this isn't the sort of thing you're constantly doing for lots and lots of characters, the best way to handle it in terms of effort required is to simply use Personal Adjustments. Have them select the powers in question, then use Adjustments to bring the Karma in line. Technically, you don't give a Drake Critter Powers, you give them Racial Mods that grant Critter Powers in the way Hero Lab sees it, so I guess I also didn't realize it wasn't that simple when I replied.

Also, think about it this way: differences in Karma costs among Drake powers is there for a reason. Getting to spend 5 Karma on an open power choice to get Dracoform Mastery, Flight, or Transcend Form is just as game-balance-altering as simply giving the player more Karma to get the power in the first place. And that's even considering how much that has been altered by a Drake-centric game!
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