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You could look at Arcane Archer - I think it used Quartenary.

       linkage[table].field[cSpec4thNm].text = "Arcane Shots"
       linkage[table].field[cSpec4thSi].text = "Arcane Shot"

       linkage[table].field[cCustQuTot].arrayvalue[2] += 2
       linkage[table].field[cCustQuTot].arrayvalue[6] += 3
       linkage[table].field[cCustQuTot].arrayvalue[9] += 4
       linkage[table].field[cCustQuTot].arrayvalue[14] += 5
       linkage[table].field[cCustQuTot].arrayvalue[17] += 6
I did a Rune Knight that had 5th:
       linkage[table].field[cSpec5thNm].text = "Runic Augmentations"
       linkage[table].field[cSpec5thSi].text = "Runic Augmentation"

       linkage[table].field[cCust5Tot].arrayvalue[2] += 3
       linkage[table].field[cCust5Tot].arrayvalue[6] += 5
       linkage[table].field[cCust5Tot].arrayvalue[9] += 7
       linkage[table].field[cCust5Tot].arrayvalue[14] += 9
       linkage[table].field[cCust5Tot].arrayvalue[17] += 11

That leave primary and secondary. The secondary is reserved for subclasses normally so I'd suggest leaving it alone.

cSpecSing (single name .. i.e. Fighting Style)
cSpecName (plural name .. i.e. Fighting Styles)
cCustTot (array for the number allowed)


For reference on the 3rd:
cSpec3rdNm (plural name)
cSpec3rdSi (single name)

You can find these references by going into:
Develop -> Floating Info Windows -> Show Selection Fields -> and then choose the cHelpXXX on a character that has a class assigned to it.
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