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Hi there my group and I are about to try out 6th edition without any of us having any experience with shadowrun. Most of us have Dnd 5e experience a lil cyberpunk 2020.

I've run into a strange issue using the character creator on the site here. So I'm making an adept and I can't for the life of me figure out how the power point system works. In the rulebook it says that adepts should have power points equal to their magic attribute which fits with the general discussion I've found on various forums.

In the character creator though, only the magic gained from the priority table and not the magic added with adjusment points seem to add power points.

This made me look up the adept class as described on the site and there it does actually say that adepts only gain powers from the priority tables.. Something I can't find anywhere in the ruleobook.

Could someone help me clear this up?
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