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What is the name of the field you are entering your reputation award in? There are two fields on the journals for reputation. The first is "Fame and reputation awarded" - this is for the 1 or 2 reputation gained for successfully completing a scenario, and will always be assigned to the faction who's champion boon is slotted. The second is "reputation awarded". That is for scenario bonus reputations, and will be assigned to the faction chosen in "faction for reputation awarded".

In the Character/Profile tab, you should make sure to add any other faction you want to assign an award to, so that you can choose that faction on a journal entry as the faction to receive the additional bonus. You may just want to add all of the other factions to a character once you have chosen your first one, if this is a character you intend to play in a variety of scenarios that will grant a variety of bonus reputation awards.

Also on Character/Profile, you can edit your boons to control which Champion boon is currently slotted, which will change the faction that the main award is granted to.

For the scenarios that have bonuses for more than one faction, for now you will need to add a second journal entry that only uses the "faction for reputation awarded" and "reputation awarded" fields to add that extra award. Adding a second pair of these options is a planned improvement.
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