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Originally Posted by Daniel V View Post
I can't speak to architecture, as that's arcana outside my knowledge.

Spoilers, this is basically my thoughts on it. I'd like to see about setting up an adjustments table that can be turned on within items so the adjustments can be added directly to items, then have their activation tied to the item's equip state. Same with potentially Added Abilities and Spells. It's got a number of factors we'll have to work out I think, and not sure when, just tossing out that this is in line with my general thoughts at present.
I would be very happy with that:
  • no ability to create new rules (macros etc)
  • ability to create or modify more or less any item, picking from the standard catalogue of things which are already programmed
  • for the campaign to be able to name, share, purchase, and sell the customised things
  • (thing includes Theme, Class option, Feat, ... as well as objects - anything where you could extract a rule of "add N to X subject to Y"
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