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It's a trade off. I'm not an expert, so some of what I say may be nonsensical, but I do run teams of people who are and have worked on SaaS systems quite a bit. Multi-tenant architecture is easier and more cost-effective to scale. I've only seen elaborate custom scripting access in very expensive single-tenant SaaS applications (which doesn't mean other models don't exist, just that I haven't come across them).

I would guess they could turn these things into API calls, and then allow custom objects that only interact with the application via those APIs. But even if that was something that would work, it would be a lot of work that would take people away from other features and would probably not be as "easy" as creating custom user files in HLC.

I wonder if they could make custom items that are just collections of adjustments? The adjustments already exist, mostly. So I could equip a custom ring, for example, and it could give me a bonus to AC, apply an enhancement to my intelligence, and give me the ability to cast lightning bolt three times. I think most or all of those adjustments exist already—you just need to bake them into an item that I can equip and unequip. (And if Campaign Theater could let us transfer items between PCs and/or create a list, like a magic vendor, of standard and custom items players can acquire, we've got quite a bit of homebrew right there.)
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