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Originally Posted by Caribet View Post
could you not Key a custom item to the GM that created it, and let the GM share that item with their gaming group and no other?
It's a bit baffling why it should be shared with the whole world...
They're not saying the custom item or class or whatever gets shared with the whole world. They're saying that their architecture has everyone operating on a shared system—the code on the server running HLO for you and delivering the web pages to you is the same code for everyone.

The concern is the possibility that some custom item, if allowed with the degree of scripting flexibility in HLC, might crash the actual application. In HLC, this crashed one program, HLC, running on your personal computer. In HLO, you'd crash the program for everyone who uses HLO.

It sounds like they'd have to make some significant changes to their underlying system architecture to allow this to happen. At least that's how I understand the explanations LWD has given.
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