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So the Paizo systems are complex, and there are chains of logic resutling in single numbers. Take, for example, the number of languages known...

In Starfinder:
Common, Race, Home-planet, Int.
Culture adds +1 per rank.
Unless you have one of a set of Themes or Class abilities which affect the number of starting languages, languages by level, or languages per Culture Rank.
Simple enough for a cunningly coded program. ... but.... for a bear of limited brain, I'd love something which displayed how/why HLO had reached the conclusion it had.
Most especially, if I make a later change, and something becomes invalid, I'd like to explore why.
I can restore the removed feature. Fine. Not broken. But why dos removing it break something else. I;d like to interpret what chain leads to current selections; ake a change; see why it no longer qualifies. Maybe pick an alternate option which requalifies.

(ex-PCGen GM. So I'm used to using their "troubleshooting" sheet. Not perfect. Actually, far from perfect. But so much better than nothing!)
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