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Is coming soon

I have 100% of the Griffin and Wolfen armies completed and about 80% of each of the Ram and Lion.

There are a few tricky artefacts I'll have to work on, but most of everything is straightforward and fairly easy to model in AB.

Banners are meta units that you add units to by filling in the five available slots, one being mandatory. A Banner will have five option tabs that will each have option buttons that will open a list of available units to fill that slot.

For instance that Ram's mandatory slot is Infantry *. So, in their Banner's first slot the option button is "Infantry *". When you click that button, the option window opens and you see all of the Infantry * units the Ram army has. Their second Banner slot is Infantry */** and clicking on that option button will show you an option window with all the Infantry Rank * and Rank ** units.

Hopefully it's fairly intuitive and easy to use.

The main concern for me right now is adding Incarnates to units. Can you mix ranks when adding an Incarnate? I'm not sure that Rackham has "confirmed or denied" least to my knowledge. So, as it sits right now, a unit can add any Incarnate, regardless of Ranks.

I'll keep you informed on the progress, it shouldn't be long now before you can get your hands on Confrontation: Age of the Rag'Narok files!!!

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