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Originally Posted by ChainsawXIV
I had a little bit of time after all Just sent in the following updates.

Skaven Unit Fixes
Verminlord is now compatable with Grey Seers
Verminlord no longer displays magic item options
Chimaerat now only shows for Hellpit armies
The Rat Tank now filters more appropriately
Hellpit armies now check for compulsory characters
Non-Hellpit armies no longer require Throt or Gorritch
Bubonic Court armies now ignore mainstay rules
Undated Ikit Claw's description regarding validation
The Warlord's pistol option now validates as such
Hellpit armies can now properly take two rat swarms
Hellpit army units now have warband verteran options
Warbands no longer require Throt or Ghoritch

Vampire Counts Unit Fixes
Melkhior no longer appears in Cairns armies
Vlad and Isibella no longer appear in Cairns armies
Cairns army heroes now show magic item totals
Cairns army units now have warband veteran options
Krell no longer appears in the list for Warbands
Warbands no longer require Krell and Kemmler
w00t! Thanks Chainsaw!
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