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Below are a list of threads with information valuable to the community members reading these forums. If you believe another thread should be included in this list, please PM Liz.

  • D&D 5th Edition SRD Bug Report Link - Submitting your bug through this form automatically files it in our issue tracking system. You should then receive an email confirmation that your bug report was received, including a case number. (If you don't get such an email within 10-15 minutes, check your spam folder.) We'll follow up with you regarding the bug within 3 business days. If we can't reproduce it ourselves, we may ask you for extra information, or a saved portfolio demonstrating the problem.
  • Hero Lab Community FAQ - An exhaustive list of commonly used terms and frequently asked questions, compiled by ShadowChemosh. While initially written for Pathfinder users, this thread is incredibly useful regardless of the system.
  • D&D 5e Community Pack - The main thread for the community add-on pack created by members of the Hero Lab community. Please report all bugs for the packs in this thread.
  • Official Hero Lab YouTube Videos - Seminars and tutorials led by Lone Wolf Development staff.

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