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Apologies for the necro, but I've spent hours trying to solve this:

Brol, before you got this working as a configurable, were you able to set the charges based on the CHA mod of that Alter Self? I'm having trouble doing the same thing with an ability I'm adding for MOoT. I can't seem to figure out how to dynamically alter the trkMax of a bootstrapped SpellLike spell.

Does the container context transition work in an eval script to target a bootstrap?? I know I can find the spell on the hero, but I don't want to alter any other versions of that spell if they're present. Just the one bootstrapped by my specific ability. And weirdly, I cannot get a Foreach to work to find that bootstrapped copy of the spell. Anything I do just tells me the foreach is returning nothing. I've tried every kind of tag you can think of. thingid.____, custom tags, pre-defined custom tags, etc.

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