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Don't know if it's the latest file (seems so, though), but all you have to do is to replace your \ArmyBuilderEX\data\wh6\empire.dat file with it. In other words: Download the file, rename it to empire.dat (remove the numbers from the filename) and copy it to the \data\wh6\ folder in your Army Builder directory. In my case it is D:\Program Files\ArmyBuilderEX\data\wh6. I now tried this myself (not an Empire player, so I haven't done this before), and the Common Magic Items are now selectable. At least the Dispel Scrolls

By the way... Does anyone know why the Army Builder installer puts those ugly EX in the end of the folder name? The same goes for the folder and shortcut that is created in the Start menu. These names can of course be changed during and after the install, but still, how come it does this by default? I would understand if it does so when AB 2 is installed, but I haven't got AB 2 installed...
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