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As you've discovered, there is a critical distinction between the normal model count and the EFFECTIVE model count. The two are not the same. If you are using a remainder option, it is based on the exclusion usage and NOT model counts, per se. You need to have the exclusion usage get tallied up properly to enforce the exclusion limit the way you want it.

If I understand you correctly, the solution is similar to the question on resource pools you also posed. The trick is to assign each of the child units an exclusion reference equal to their model count towards the exclusion group you're using to track the upgrade limit. If you do this, then each of the champions will count an extra "1" towards the exclusion usage.

This assumes the champion always counts as an "upgrade". If the champion have the OPTION of upgrading, then the above approach won't work. In this situation, the upgrade option would be on the child unit, so there is no way of automatically propogating that upwards. If this is the case, you'll need to be a bit more sneaky. The trick is to use a private unit stat on the parent unit that sets the upgrade limit. Then have your exclusion group use the stat value as its maximum limit. The upgrade option on child units will then need to subtract one from the stat on the parent unit. If the option is selected on the parent unit, it will have no parent, so the subtraction won't be performed (assuming you setup the transitions properly). The net result is a hybrid solution that uses exclusions AND a modified private unit stat to achieve the desired goal.

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I have one unit with a minimum size of 4 with a unit champion for a total of 5 in the unit. The parent unit with a champion as a child are equiped with the same default weapon. Up to 5 models in the squad are allowed a weapon upgrade. I've set the option for the default weapon using remainder and identified the champion as effective so as to be included in the model count.

The problem is that the effective count doesn't appear to be used when calculating the remainder. The weapon count shows 4 instead of 5. Then when selecting the weapon upgrade I can only upgrade the 4 models in the parent unit.

How do I include the unit champion in the upgrade. The problem gets even more difficult in that the unit is allowed up to 5 unit champions and it is possible to give just the unit champions the weapon upgrade.
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