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Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
Yes, there is a way to relocate RW files to different location on your computer using symbolic links, which is feature of the OS. It is completely transparent for the program. I have been running this setup for more than two years on the backup computer, which has spinning disks. The details are in this thread:

Do not use any cloud storage for live data, the background synch mechanisms might cause issue with the data and RW is not designed to work this way. You can't share same DB between two instances, the only way is to make backup/resoters or use the "still working fine" online synchronization service.

Storing your backup file to online cloud storage is fine.
Cloud for live data is what I was referring too, and thanks for the tip. constant backup the realm is not really feasible on my craptastic rural internet And Starlink isn't feasible here either, far to many trees, maybe once a few hundred more sats are in orbit. Some year we will join the 20th century lol

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