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Originally Posted by draco963 View Post
OK, so, "bootstrapping" is just a fancy word for "including."

So, I could use some more help still please Sendric. I've included my .user file. In it you'll find an adjustment called "pRM_LgcyRitsWndr". How could I get the ShowMenu to be a list of the Magic Items the hero is wearing?
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field[pCandExpr].text = "component.BaseMagicI & !Helper.Static"
Originally Posted by draco963 View Post
Also, evaluation scripts #'s 1 & 8 on the Wondrous item Assassin's Hands, the script I have in #8 refers to field[Value].value twice, meaning two different numbers. I doubt that script will work, but I can't figure out how to get the Rit value, set up in script #1, to use a different variable name than field[Value].value.

Thank you Sendric!
I don't understand this question. First of all, that's a lot of scripts. I suspect you could combine many of them.

Second, what do you mean by "different variable name than field[Value].value"? field[Value].value isn't a variable, it's a number. The variable is Rit. Variables are only used within the script they are created within. For example, script #8 knows nothing about the variable Rit in script #2.

Looking at script #8, I don't see where Rit is used to refer to two different numbers. Perhaps your confusion is using "Rit" in multiple scripts? It's ok to do that, but you can also change the name of the variable from script to script and get the same outcome.

If you need to have field[Value].value set to two different numbers at different times, I'd recommend using field[Value2].value as the second number, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.

Also, there seems to be some kind of timing issue. Never seen a pop up message like that before. I'll have to examine it some time.
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