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Originally Posted by draco963 View Post
A couple of years ago, I started trying to make Weapons of Legacy in HeroLab. Chemosh, I think, helped me get started, and I've been using the way he did things ever since. The d20 package includes what very basic work got sorted at that point, and that's where the adjustment came from.

My programming skills are very limited (like, I have to experiment today to see if =+1 is a valid argument), so I just rolled with how he progrmmed it. I still don't really understand what bootstrapping is, I just kind of... use it.

So, WoL are items whose bonuses grow as the hero levels up. The way it's structurally set up, the item gains abilities based on both the hero's level and whether they've attained a certain feat (the feat is gained through storyline actions). So, you've got a magic dagger, it does fancy stuff. If the hero (for lack of a better description) "bonds" with it, the dagger does even fancier stuff, and gets cooler as the hero levels up. Up to a point (level 11); after that, the dagger stops getting fancier, unless the hero "improves" their bond to the item. Once that second-level bond is achieved, the weapon starts getting fancier again, as the hero levels up. This process repeats at level 17.

So, I'm programming in custom Weapons (and Armours and Items) of Legacy (I know, I know, OP af, it's the campaign), and trying now to get the Items to structurally function the same as the Weapons. That is, get the adjustment working, get the Items/Armours relying on the feat attainment instead of simply progressing up by hero level. And so I'm encountering this minor timing bug.

I think it might be better (simpler/effecient) to have the various abilities and bonuses attached to the weapons/items check if the relevant feat has been attained, but I also suspect that Chemosh set up this adjustment system because directly checking feats is unwieldy, or immpossible?

Anyways, that's what I'm at.
Fair enough. To put it simply, bootstrapping is a tool used to add things to a character when something else is added. Like, say I want to add thing A, but in order to make thing A work, I need to also add things B and C so I bootstrap B and C to A so that when A is added, B and C come along for the ride. In this case, you're adding the additional element of "conditional" bootstrapping such that things B and C will only get added if certain qualifiers are met.

Anyway, if you need additional help, let me know. Might be easier for me to see the file with the work you've done in some cases.
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