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My goal was (and still is) simply to encourage LW to support its customers in making their voice known to the App Store management. The interface on the iPad is so much better than the desktop version that it's a shame to see it languish as it has.

If you really want to discuss the technical merits of DRM, we should take this to PM.

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The problem with this approach is that once the files are unlocked on the PC then you would be able to copy them to ANY iPad - thus piracy would happen.

Each iPad is assigned a unique number by Apple. The desktop code can retrieve this number from the iPad and uses it to encrypt the files. Now only that iPad can access them. (If it were me, I would use a public/private key pair.)

Or more simply, since the files on the iPad are already "locked" by the license in the current code base, just take the data entry of the license key out of the app and make it something that the user has to provide via the desktop. Then Apple doesn't have any indication that there even is anything more than just what's available in "demo mode".

Requiring a program to run on the PC or MAC (2 platforms) to copy files to an iPad would be a lot more work
When the DropBox API changed and LW hadn't updated the app to the new API yet, we had to email portfolios back and forth from the app. Major PITN. Eventually, the app switched to using the FileProvider API on iOS, which was a more general approach anyway and can work with any FileProvider service. The iPad app could "import" a license key via an email attachment or via browsing the FileProvider interface...

- and I'm sure circumventable.
Haha, everything is circumventable with enough time and the right tools!
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