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Originally Posted by Ualaa View Post
Ideally, I'd think you would have an original copy of the character that the player owns.

But having the character within the game that the DM is running would give them a copy of that character as well.

The player would still have their original, if they didn't want the changes the GM/DM had made to it.
Which of there two characters is "official"? They are both "in the campaign". The GM says it's the character s/he mucked, and the player says it's the original character. Who's right?

Theoretically, it's the GM that's always right, but there are still lots of players out there that wouldn't take kindly to that. And if we support both, now we have multiple versions of the same character "in the campaign" that must be distinguish. Sometimes even conceptually simple solutions get messy in the details when trying to accommodate the full spectrum of play styles.

Right now, editing access is all-or-nothing. The ideal solution would be restricted access, where certain information is editable by the GM and other information is not - and differing levels of restriction that can be configured for a given campaign. We've already got the foundations of such a model built in to how we handle things under the covers. But there's a hefty chunk of work involved in fully exposing that out to users. So it's on the roadmap.
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