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Originally Posted by Koro76 View Post
I appreciate the transparency about the roadmap. The reason I was talking about editing players' sheets was due to a conversation I had with my group after a player had to be away from the table for a while. Their character got hit to which the primary response was "just change their hp in HLO, we'll let them know when they get back" and, while a character proxy is active on the stage, you can't transfer control, otherwise we would have had to reroll initiative etc. I can also see other circumstances in which this could be useful, like if a character gets pickpocketed, and they fail their check to notice, depending on your GM style.
That's definitely a situation we WANT to support. The problem is that solving that in a clean manner in actually pretty convoluted. There are some players who would take offense at a GM directly modifying their character without explicit permission. At the other end of the spectrum, there are gaming groups where the GM freely mucks directly with PCs, and even some groups where PCs regularly pickpocket each other. So solving this cleanly means setting up some concept of permissions, where the GM can control what can/can't be done and the players know what to expect going in. Then those permissions need to be properly enforced.

Is it truly hard? Nope.
It is messy to set it all up? Yep.
Is it a lot of time to deal with it all? Yep.
Is it a common situation that groups run into? Nope.

And that's why it's not in the near-term plan. Right now, we're focused on putting things into place that yield the maximum benefit to the broadest number of users. A bit further down the line, we can turn our focus to situations like the one you described above.
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