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Viewing the information of PCs is a high priority for us, so you should see that in the upcoming weeks. However, EDITING of another player's PC is whole different animal. Many players would object to a GM mucking with their character, so that's where the whole "transfer of control" comes into play. Control can be transferred to you (the GM), you edit the PC, and then control is transferred back. That's akin to the player handing you their character sheet and then you handing it back after modifying it in some way. Something more sophisticated than that model is not on our near-term roadmap.
I appreciate the transparency about the roadmap. The reason I was talking about editing players' sheets was due to a conversation I had with my group after a player had to be away from the table for a while. Their character got hit to which the primary response was "just change their hp in HLO, we'll let them know when they get back" and, while a character proxy is active on the stage, you can't transfer control, otherwise we would have had to reroll initiative etc. I can also see other circumstances in which this could be useful, like if a character gets pickpocketed, and they fail their check to notice, depending on your GM style.
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