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Bump on a sorta necro post.

Finally sitting down to try and make this a bit of a cleaner workup. What I currently have is the ring broken down to its individual parts as multiple rings. It's pretty rough. I realized that I need to go ahead and make this a full-on configurable. So now that's what I'm doing. I went over the full text of the item and such, and listed the multiple things it does that would need a tracker/selector.

Alter Self: CHa mod/long rest
Bootstrap Alter Self
Eval: Post-Att/10000/1

set the tracker on Alter Self to CHA/LongRest
container.child[spAlteSelf].field[trkMax].value = maximum(1,#attrmod[aCHA])
perform container.child[spAlteSelf].assign[Usage.LongRest]

Floating Sorcerer Cantrip
- Looking at either the Magic Initiate scrips, or the half-elf variant scripts for this.

Floating Sorcerer/Warlock Spell: 1/short rest

Going back through what was already done, it was using the various little menu options and stuff in an item...which doesn't seem to be the same in the configurable. So I'm mashing stuff together and just seeing if it works. Any help or guidance is appreciated.

For the Sorcerer Cantrip, I was looking at the coding from either Magic Initiate or from the half-elf variant. Both go about it differently.

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