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This item is a tough one.

Pushing separate trackers on each spell isn't that hard if you can figure out how to access them, but it's that dynamic spell that I can't figure out how to add without a configurable. I've been trying to figure out if a gizmo might be able to do it, like how magic weapons have this gizmo that lets you choose a weapon but I've hit my limit on knowledge there.

I'm almost at the point of suggesting as a workaround creating a "spell template" spell.

What you would do is bootstrap alter self and the spell template spell to this item.

In a script that runs post attributes you could do something like:

~ set the tracker on Alter Self to CHA/LongRest
container.child[spAlteSelf].field[trkMax].value = maximum(1,#attrmod[aCHA])
perform container.child[spAlteSelf].assign[Usage.LongRest]

~ set the tracker on the spell template to 1/ShortRest
~ you could do this directly on the bootstrap if you wanted.
container.child[spNEWID].field[trkMax].value = 1
perform containter.child[spNEWID].assign[Usage.ShortRest]

Then in a second script probably in the Render timing section.

Grab all the name/description of the spell chosen in your dropdown and "overwrite" your spell template fields/tags.

container.child[spNEWID].field[livename].text = field[usrChosen1].chosen.field[livename].text
container.child[spNEWID].field[CustDesc].text = field[usrChosen1].chosen.field[CustDesc].text
and do pulltags /pushtags for any tags

It's very much a workaround though.

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