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Don't know if this has been gone over before, but I couldn't find info on something that was bothering me in constructing tables in RW. Once a table is constructed and row (or column) shading is added, I couldn't simply add a few new lines and get the shading right. Original table: RW1.png Adding a row to the chart produces: RW2.png.

So, now I need to shade my rows. I can leave the first two lines as they are, but starting with the 'cart' row, I need to change all that follow. Unfortunately, if I strip the color from all the rows below and reshade in my chosen green, the rows that aren't shaded, come out like this after saving: RW3.png

That's simply not going to work. Frustrated, I was resorting to reworking tables to get it right which was a huge time dump. Finally I decided to capture a saved RW image and import it into Photoshop. Using the eyedropper, I figured out the RGB code: 235,236,239 gives the shade to match the background when saved: RW4.png

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