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first, english ist not my mother language. So sorry for my errors!

Ok, here ist my problem:

Yersterday i made e realy big mistake. I removed the protection from the Tag "Age" and translated it into german. After this, i read in the forums, that you should never remove the protection from a Game Specific Domain, because when the game gets an update, it can destroy your Realm.

The better way is to duplicate the Tag.

Ok, so far so good. But is there a way to undo this?

I try nearly everything - including an new fresh installation, but the Tag don't get the "Game Specific Domain" icon. It still has a "Global Domain" icon (protected but not the right icon).

I copy all my Dates (it was not much) so that i can start with a new fresh realm.

I'm afraid that I could lose my realm in a future update.

Can anyone help me?

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