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Version 1.11 of the Shadowrun files can now be downloaded from the automatic updates mechanism within Hero Lab.

This update adds full statblocks to Agents, IC, and Pilot programs - Adding one of these will now create a separate character.

This update also adds the beginnings of support for Shadowrun Missions play.

Here's the change list for this update, copied from the FAQ:

Enhancements & Changes
  • Agent, IC, and Pilot programs now add full characters for their minions. Unfortunately, we were not able to automatically convert the existing programs of this type to the new mechanics. You will need to add a new version of any agent/IC/Pilot programs you currently have, move the programs you have loaded in the old version over to the new character, and delete the old version.
  • Added support for Shadowrun Missions play. Currently, the only effect of setting your character to use the Shadowrun Missions rules will be to fix their BP at 400. As other books are added, the content from those books that is not allowed for Shadowrun Missions play will show up as invalid for a character using the Shadowrun Missions rules.
  • Added the Shadowrun Missions Season 4 contacts (available from the Shadowrun Missions Season 4 Contacts page on Catalyst's site). These can be enabled in the Configure Hero form that is the first thing shown to new characters. To re-open that form for an existing character, go to the Character menu at the top of the Hero Lab window and choose "Confiure Hero". They are available as a separate checkbox from the Shadowrun Missions rules so that if other content like this becomes available (like a set of Season 5 contacts), users can choose those the ones that apply to this character, and so that these contacts can be used in non-missions campaigns.
Bug Fixes
  • Advancing Logic or Intuition after character creation was providing more Free Knowledge/Language skill points.
  • A large number of advancements and metamagics could mean that some items on the advances tab were not visible.
  • The cost of headware commlinks was being calculated as 1000 + commlink cost, rather than 2000 + commlink cost.
Data File Authoring
  • Added the Race, Program tab.
  • Added the Program, Agent tab.
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