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The only things that are missing that I can think of at the moment are:

1.) Enterprise Charters and the Iconic Villains from the character collections need to get added.

The starter set and STA quickstart charters have errors on 2 of them if you want to add them to things to add in as well, so the will give a validation error because of this. I entered them in as portfolio awhile back and caught that and even asked on the Modiphius forums if an errata existed. (Lian Zhang and the ship have the errors. Zhang has Jury Rig but not an Engineering of 4 and the Magellan has several errors.)

2.) Possible add some of the equipment and weapons scattered through the various books. Also, maybe add some info on phaser settings and the rules they have to the description of them.

3.) Add in the ability to select crew role and show what it gives. The starter set and STA quickstart charters had this on there character sheets and it helps players remember they get a special advantage for certain roles.

4.) Not sure if this would be doable but add in some of the NPCs and ships from the books to be used in the encounter builder.
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