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Originally Posted by JoeCamerieri
Just noticed that about half the crusader leaders have a slot listed under their damage tracks titled "abilities" that contain all their special abilities while the other half do not. The ones that do not have it listed this way still have the abilities listed on the print out but it's in a seperate area under the name. The only difference is that during army construction one must click on the unit and look and the unit details rather than just look at the unit in the roster section.
The way its supposed to work is that all of the models with more than one Damage Track should have a child "Abilities" unit that lists all the Abilities after the damage tracks in order to keep the damage track grid all together. If I don't do it that way, the first and second damage tracks in the printout are split by the line of abilities which I thought makes it a bit difficult to scan down the Damage Tracks.

It appears that when I did the last Crusader file update I missed doing this on some of the multiple DT models!

I'll fix that up for the next update (which will be coming shortly and including the new data from the first 2 faction books).

Now it sounds to me like you'd rather have the abilities listed between the first and second Damage Track on the printout. Anyone else prefer this? I actually spent a large amount of time making this work the way it does, so I don't want to just drop it unless at least a few people would rather it another way. :-)

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