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I was just trying to use CV to sort my playset, but I find that much info is missing. The whole DGL set, plus the DBM and MFF starters. Also, for the MSM set lots of info is missing, like rarity, team(s) for cards other than characters...

For other sets, I can note some minor points>

Marvel Knights

MMK-202 should be a rare.
MK-154 should be MMK-154.

Some cards should have more than one affiliation

MMK-180 (Marvel Knights/Underworld)
MMK-181 (X-Men/X-Statix)
MMK-182 (Crime Lords/Marvel Knights)
MMK-183 (Crime Lords/Underworld)
MMK-184 (Crime Lords/Marvel Knights) but not Underworld
MMK-185 (Marvel Knights/Underworld)
MMK-186 (Underworld/X-Statix)
MMK-187 (Crime Lords/Underworld)
MMK-188 (X-Men/X-Statix)
MMK-189 (Marvel Knights/Spider-Friends)
MMK-190 (Crime Lords/Sinister Syndicate)

Marvel Origins

MOR-173 has a cost of 1
MOR-182 (Doom/Fantastic Four)
MOR-195 (Fantastic Four/X-Men)
MOR-201 (Brotherhood/X-Men)
MOR-219 (Doom/X-Men)

Web of Spider-Man

J. Johan Jameson should be MSM-141

Marvel Knights

MMK-011 cost should be '3', not '5'

Is there a new version of the files due anytime soon?

-Kuni Mon
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