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Just noticed that about half the crusader leaders have a slot listed under their damage tracks titled "abilities" that contain all their special abilities while the other half do not. The ones that do not have it listed this way still have the abilities listed on the print out but it's in a seperate area under the name. The only difference is that during army construction one must click on the unit and look and the unit details rather than just look at the unit in the roster section.

It's not a real big deal seeing as how the info is listed in there somewhere, but for ease of use it is nice to have the info listed in a seperate box in the roster.

The following leaders do not have the "abilities" entry under their damage tracks but rather have all S/A's listed in Unit Details which prints out under the name on the roster:
Sister Majeda

I must say that as a user of the program I think I'd prefer to have the abilities listed under the name on the print out, as it makes it a tad easier to locate during game play. But during army construction it does make it easier if the abilities are listed in the "Abilities" section under the damage tracks. The problem is that these two options seem like they would be mutually exclusive.

Any thoughts?
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